Berman Tabacco

Canadian Car Antitrust

In re Automobile Antitrust Cases I and II, JCCP Nos. 4298 and 4303 (Cal. Super. Ct. San Francisco Cty.) (ongoing), and In re New Motor Vehicles Canadian Export Antitrust Litigation, No. 03-md-1532 (D. Me.)

Berman Tabacco is one of the firms leading an action on behalf of plaintiff car buyers against defendant Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd. (“Ford Canada”) in California state court in San Francisco. The lawsuit alleges that Ford Canada and other automakers conspired to restrict the import of less expensive new cars from Canada to the United States. Absent the alleged misconduct, plaintiffs allege that the prices for new cars in the United States would have cost less for consumers during the relevant period. There have been several partial settlements totaling over $55 million, which funds have been distributed to class members. The lawsuit continues against the remaining defendants and is currently on appeal, where the California Court of Appeal will decide an issue concerning the effect in the state court action of orders made in a related federal lawsuit.

Case Information

  • Settlement Amount:
    Over $55 million, to date