Berman Tabacco

Aqua Metals Securities Litigation

In re Aqua Metals, Inc. Securities Litigation, No. 4:17-cv-07142-HSG (N.D. Cal.)

Berman Tabacco is co-lead counsel representing Plymouth County Retirement Association in a securities class action lawsuit against Aqua Metals, Inc. on behalf of all persons who acquired the common stock of Aqua Metals, Inc. (“Aqua Metals”) during the period between May 19, 2016 and November 9, 2017. During the class period, Aqua Metals touted that it had developed a technology called AquaRefining, which had the potential to revolutionize lead recycling and make lead-acid batteries the only truly sustainable battery technology. However, the suit alleges, the Company misled investors about the status of its implementation of and operations of its AquaRefining technology.