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What Our Clients Say

Here are some of the things our clients have to say about our services, our attorneys and the quality of their work.

"Berman DeValerio is an exceptionally thorough and responsible partner. The firm's legal team provides solid, thoughtful and objective legal advice — without any pressure — and their monitoring system is second to none."
Gary Dokes
Former Chief Investment Officer, Arizona State Retirement System

“Berman DeValerio has been our outside counsel since 2003 and has represented us in several lawsuits. I’m a lawyer myself, as well as a CPA, and I can tell you their attorneys do a great job of marshaling the complicated financial facts at the heart of these cases and getting outstanding results. They are top-notch litigators.”
Bob Jones
Executive Director, Oklahoma Firefighters Pension and Retirement System

“The lawyers at Berman DeValerio are knowledgeable and straightforward. Our System has relied on their counsel for years and I can say that the solid reputation they have among public pension funds nationwide is well deserved.”
Warren Ponder
General Counsel, Louisiana School Employees’ Retirement System

"FCERA has had a long working relationship with Berman DeValerio and they have provided excellent results and guidance for us in the area of securities litigation.  They have been very responsive and provide the detailed analysis we need whenever we have to consider litigation as an option to protect our members' interests."
Roberto L. Peña
Former Retirement Administrator, Fresno County Employees' Retirement Association

"We are very cautious when it comes to litigation. We only want to get involved in cases when it’s absolutely the right thing to do. That’s why I value the legal advice I get from Berman DeValerio. When they recommend a case, I know they’ve done a thorough investigation and a complete analysis. In the litigation we undertook with the firm, we were most impressed with their ability to recover money for the class members despite the difficulties posed by bankruptcy.”
Steven K. Snyder
Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement System

"When a custodial transition left us with a gap in settlement claims filing, Berman DeValerio went the extra mile to help us set up a new system. Their portfolio monitoring service helps us know with certainty that settlement claims are properly being filed — with a minimum cost in staff time.”
Kevin Lindahl
General Counsel, Fire and Police Pension Association of Colorado

“As a Trustee of the Austin Police Retirement System and other pension boards for municipal employees, I am always considering my fiduciary duty. So I’m satisfied knowing that a firm with Berman DeValerio’s experience is watching over our investment portfolio and advising us about significant fraud losses. They are as serious about their responsibilities as we are.”
Art Alfaro
Treasurer, City of Austin, Texas

“As outside counsel to public pension plans, I know I can recommend Berman DeValerio to my clients with absolute confidence. They are the type of firm I feel comfortable hanging our name on — and that’s the bottom line. They’re into quality and not quantity. I appreciate the quality of their work product. When they recommend a case, you know they’ve done their due diligence.”
Marc Edwards
Shareholder, Phillips Murrah P.C.

“The folks at Berman DeValerio are good, hard-working lawyers. They’ve got a great team behind them, too — investigators and accountants who can dig deep to figure out who was involved in the fraud and how it happened. That know-how strengthens their complaints, so they can survive the defendants’ motions to dismiss and negotiate the best settlements possible.”
R. Randall Roche
General Counsel, Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System of Louisiana