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November 2015 - Download PDF
ADRS Are Not All Created Equally 
Securities Litigation Deters Corporate Peers from Similar Misconduct, Study Finds

September 2015 - Download PDF
Institutional Investors At Risk In "Opt-Out" Lawsuits Post-IndyMac
Supreme Court Preview

August 2015 - Download PDF
Stop the Press: Should the SEC End Quarterly Reporting?

July 2015 - Download PDF
Delaware Bans "Loser-Pays"

May 2015 - Download PDF
2008 Unocal Settlement Continues to Benefit Californians
Tabacco, Panelists Urge European-Wide Redress for Investors

April 2015 - Download PDF
Fraud Case Against Game Maker Zynga Moves Ahead

March 2015 - Download PDF
In Omnicare, Supreme Court Declines to Gut Securities Class Actions
Glen DeValerio Appears on CNBC's American Greed 

Februay 2015 - Download PDF
Court Approves $340 IndyMac MBS Settlement
CalPERS Settles with Standard & Poor's over Pre-Crisis Ratings

January 2015 - Download PDF
SEC Revisits Rule Allowing Companies to Exclude Shareholder Proposals from Proxy Materials 

November 2014- Download PDF
Investors Try to Undo Damage in Delaware, as Eager Companies Shift Costs of Lawsuits to Plaintiffs

October 2014 - Download PDF
Proposed Settlement of $170 Million in Fannie Mae Litigation
U.S. Government Electronic Surveillance Program Forces Companies to Weigh Compliance with NSA Secrecy Mandates against SEC Desclosure Rules

September 2014 - Download PDF
Plaintiffs Reach $340 Million Agreement with Underwriters in IndyMac MBS Class Action

July 2014 - Download PDF
New Report Details Impact of DB Pension Spending on U.S. Economy
Delaware Corporations Turn to Bylaws, Again, to Discourage Lawsuits

June 2014 - Download PDF
Supreme Court Affirms Fraud-On-The-Market Presumption of Reliance, but Allows Defendants Opportunity to Rebut
Supreme Court Expected to Resolve Split on Whether Subjective Belief of Falsity is Required for Section 11 Claims

May 2014 - Download PDF
Federal Judge Certifies Class in BP Case, Freeing Investors to Pursue Claims
Case Update: Appeals Court Affirms that CalPERS' Ratings Agency Case Can Proceed
Firm Files IndyMac Supreme Court Brief on Behalf of LACERA

April 2014 - Download PDF
Appeals Court Hears Argument in CalPERS' Rating Agency Suit
Charitable Drive Raises Record Amount for Food Banks

March 2014 - Download PDF
Supreme Court Decision in IndyMac Case Could Have Big Impact on Investors
Report: Public Funds Drive Settlements Higher in 2013

February 2014 - Download PDF
PBS Report on Pensions: Made Possible by Viewers Unlike You
Do Activists Funds Add Long-Term Value to Companies

January 2014 - Download PDF
Latest Pension Battlegrounds Pose  Constitutional Questions
SEC v. Chinese Auditors Update: "Big Four" China-Based Affiliates Suspended from Auditing U.S.-Based Companies 

December 2013 - Download PDF

Divestment and the Future of Social Investing

Deviating from U.S., Canada's Supreme Court Opens Door to 'Indirect Purchaser' Antitrust Class Actions

November 2013 - Download PDF
Supreme Court to Reassess 1988 Ruling Called "Cornerstone" of Private Securities Fraud Suits
Ontario Ruling in BP Highlights Divergent Investor Protections

September 2013 - Download PDF
NEW SEC Policy: Defendants Admit Fault in Certain Settlements
Study: Public Pension Funds Improve Results in M&A Cases

July 2013 - Download PDF
Second Circuit Rules That Pending Class Actions Cannot Protect Investors from Statutes of Repose 
Judge Rebuffs Attempt to Narrow Lawsuit Alleging Surgical Centers Defrauded Aetna 

May 2013 - Download PDF 
International Financial Litigation Network Launched With Berman DeValerio as Founding Member 
Under New SEC Guidance on Social Media, Investors May Need 
LinkedIn to Link In 

Boston Office Wins Statewide Charity Competition

March 2013 News Update - Download PDF 
Supreme Court Refusal to Hear Goldman Sachs Appeal Allows MBS Plaintiffs to Expand Scope of Class 
Pre-Arranged Executive Trading Plans: Too Good to be True?

February 2013 News Update - Download PDF 
Shareholders Seek Corporate Disclosure of Political Spending 
Victor Elias Named to La Raza Centro Legal Board, Joining Firm Lawyers Who Lead Civic, Professional Groups 
Firm Announces Developments in BP, Par, and Abiomed Case

January 2013 News Update - Download PDF 
Securities Class Actions Filings Down in 2012 Due to Fourth Quarter Decline 
SEC Takes China-Based Auditors to Task for Refusal to Produce Work Papers

December 2012 News Update - Download PDF 
Tabacco Argues Crucial Appeal Before the Second Circuit 
Schapiro's SEC Legacy Must Be Judged in Context 
SEC and DOJ Issue Guidance on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

November 2012 News Update - Download PDF 
Supreme Court Weighs Narrowing Scope of Class Actions: 
In Amgen v. Connecticut Retirement Plans 
At issue in the antitrust suit Comcast Corp. v. Behrend

September 2012 News Update - Download PDF 
Class Certification Granted in IndyMac MBS Suit 
Diamond Antitrust Case Is Concluded

July 2012 News Update- Download PDF 
Groups See Increase in Foreign Litigation by U.S. Funds

June 2012 News Update - Download PDF 
Bear Stearns Agrees to Pay $294.9 Million to Settle Fraud Claims

May 2012 News Update- Download PDF 
Berman DeValerio Represents Ohio in State Action against BP

March 2012 News Update - Download PDF 
Investors' Case Against BP Gets Judge's Nod to Proceed

Fall 2010 Issue - Download PDF

Day of Reckoning Nears for Credit Rating Agencies
Jury Finds For Plaintiffs in Subprime Case Against Bank

Spring 2010 Issue - Download PDF

Firm Works With California Unions to Support 'Made in USA' Labeling Case

Summer 2009 Issue - Download PDF
CalPERS Sues Credit Rating Agencies Over Structured Investment Vehicles
Case Study: How Berman DeValerio Eased FPPA'S Switch To A New Custodian
New Evidence Shows Institutional Investors Make Strong Plaintiffs

Winter 2009 Issue - Download PDF
Obama, Congress Face Regulatory Challenges
Michigan Systems to Lead Bear Stearns Case
Institutional Investors Now Dominate Largest Securities Class Actions

Summer 2008 Issue - Download PDF
Behind the Scenes of the Litigation Against Xerox
Tabacco: Tellabs Is Lone Shining Star Among Recent Supreme Court Rulings
Damages Calculations in Securities Class Actions

Spring 2008 Issue - Download PDF
Harvard’s Pensions and Capital Stewardship Project Provides Tools and Resources for Labor Leaders
Berman DeValerio’s Investigative Team Digs for Truth Behind Corporate Crimes
Securities Litigation and the Subprime Meltdown

Fall 2007 Issue - Download PDF
Size Matters When It Comes to Institutional Activism
Union Funds Use Capital Clout to Effect Change
Practical Matters: When Should Funds Opt Out of a Class Action?

Summer 2007 Issue - Download PDF
Scheme Liability Case to Address Pivotal Questions
Tellabs Decision Disappoints Defendants
Trustees Grapple with Socially Responsible Investing

Spring 2007 Issue - Download PDF
Berman DeValerio Celebrates Silver Anniversary
Challenges to Class Certification Place Additional Burdens on Plaintiffs
Supreme Court Case Could Further Heighten Pleading Standards in Securities Class Actions

Fall 2006 Issue - Download PDF
The Dating Game: Analyzing the Options Scandals
Oklahoma Firefighters v. El Paso Corp.: How a Small Fund Made a Big Difference
Dis-Implying Investors

Spring/Summer 2006 Issue - Download PDF
Monitoring the Monitors: Evaluating the Positive Economic Benefits of CalPERS' Institutional Activism
Critics of Shareholder Lawsuits Caught in a Time Warp
Backdating Stock Options Is Latest Corporate Scandal

Winter 2006 Issue - Download PDF
The Institutional Difference: The Impact of Public Pension Funds on Attorney Fee Requests and Awards
Forensic Accounting Team Mines Company Documents For Corporate Scandal Clues
Institutions: Corporate Execs Make Too Much Money

Fall 2005 Issue - Download PDF
Oracle Chief Executive Ellison to Pay $122 Million To Settle Derivative Case Over Insider Trading
A Global View of Securities Litigation
Into the Mainstream

Spring 2005 Issue - Download PDF
Money Makes Their World Go Round
Corporate America’s Bully Tactics Gain Ground

Winter 2005 Issue - Download PDF
Reformers Fall Short on Executive Compensation
'Efficient Market' Debate Slows Class Actions
Supreme Court Case Has Huge Implications For Securities Class Actions