Client Services


Our litigation philosophy is simple: pursue only appropriate cases – but pursue those tirelessly.

When we recommend active involvement – in strong cases in which the client suffers sizeable damages – we achieve settlements that are well above average, a testimony to our legal skills. Although most stock fraud lawsuits are settled, we have the experience and resources to take a case through trial and appeal when it is in our clients’ best interests.

Since it was founded nearly three decades ago, the firm has litigated hundreds of complex cases on its clients' behalf. In the securities area, Berman Tabacco has pursued approximately 100 class actions under the PSLRA, recovering billions of dollars for its clients and the classes they represented, filed opt-out cases under state law on behalf of major institutional investors and derivative claims on behalf of corporations. The firm's attorneys also have helped shape antitrust law through their litigation of precedent-setting antitrust cases and engineered innovative settlements to help consumers.